The Wechat Public Number Push System of Micro-school Access

I. Systematic Introduction:

The public number push system of Wechat from micro-school to school is mainly oriented to the management of school attendance information. When students (or teachers) wear 2.4G active composite card to enter or leave the school through the school gate, the remote card reader reads the data of the student card, transmits it to the school communication terminal through RS485 cable, and sends safety information and pictures to parents'mobile phone through the micro-mail platform.

2. System Topology:
3. Composition of the System:

♦ 2.4 GHz long-distance card reader
2.4G long-distance induction card reader has the channel of "directional identification". The product has the functions of long-distance card reading, fast identification and simultaneous identification of multiple electronic cards.
Features: PVC plastic, rugged and wear-resistant; stable and reliable performance, accurate card swipe record; communication module to increase resistance to strong electric shock and lightning protection function, safe and reliable communication process; data acquisition speed, ensure the reliability and integrity of data.
Working frequency: 2.4 GHz-2.5 GHz ISM microwave band
Working mode: Read-only label type;
Recognition methods: directional recognition, elliptical induction region;
Recognition distance: 3 - 80 meters;
Conflict prevention: can identify more than 100 cards at the same time;
Data interface: standard configuration Wiegand26, RS485, RS232;
Power adapter: DC + 9V;
Operating temperature:-40℃~+85℃;
♦ 2.4 GHz Active Electronic Tag
2.4G Active Compound Card adds ID/IC card function on the basis of active card, and adds positioning, waterproofing and other functions. The default card setting is to fire every second.
Features: ID card function, supporting 125K close reading; IC card function, supporting 13.56Mhz close reading; suitable for frequency hopping mode, with super anti-jamming capability; user-defined reading and writing standard data; effective reading distance can reach more than 80 meters; ultra-wide working band design, not only in line with relevant industry regulations, but also flexible development and application; can read and write more at the same time; The number of labels in the workspace is not limited or affected by the number of labels in the workspace; the storage area is for users to encrypt, read, write, erase and rewrite operations. 
Label category: card shape;
Working frequency: 2.45 GHz;
Induction mode: automatic induction is optional;
Recognition distance: 3-80 meters;
Material: PET, high temperature resistant, waterproof;
Size: 85*55*5.5mm;
Weight: 20g;
Battery: built-in button lithium power, can be used continuously for 2 years;
♦ School Communication Terminal
 Microcalibration terminal communicates with 2.4G long-distance induction card reader through 485 mode, collects attendance data and reports to the calibration communication platform. 
Teacher Service Module (optional) 
Teacher Check-in: Set check-in time and geographical location, automatically remind check-in, push check-in information by day, week and month 
Campus Micro-Web Site: Introduce the situation of the campus, you can customize the menu, full of pictures and texts. 
School Notice: Select the sender to send the notice and read the receipt, mainly for the teachers and parents of the whole school. 
Teacher's Address Book: Import teacher's communication mode into the platform to facilitate teacher's contact, no need to save teacher's contact information. 
Activity registration: mobile phone initiation information, can register online, facilitate statistical activity information 
Questionnaire survey: mobile phone initiates questionnaire survey, which can be answered online to facilitate the statistics of questionnaire information. 
Campus News: You can regularly push school news with pictures and texts, unlimited number of articles
Document Circulation: You can check and approve the documents conveyed by your superiors by mobile phone.
Classroom Reservation: You can reserve the use time of the classroom online to avoid congestion on the use time at the same time. 
Conference attendance: statistics of the number of participants and absentees to facilitate attendance
Schedule: Search your own curriculum anytime and anywhere, convenient and fast
Teachers can share some information about school activities with pictures and texts on mobile phones at any time.
Teacher's Notice: Select the sending object to send the notice and read the receipt, mainly for the whole school teachers.
School mailbox: It is convenient for teachers to communicate with each other by chatting at any time and anywhere without adding micro-letters between teachers.
Teachers'Leave Request: Mobile Phone Sends Leave Request, It's convenient to examine and approve, and it's convenient for mobile office.
Equipment Repair: Submit the Maintenance Electronic Stream to facilitate the relevant responsible person to view and process at any time and anywhere. 
Home-school management module (optional)
Excellent Class Texts: Pictures and Texts Show Excellent Model Texts to Facilitate Parents'Understanding of Students in School
Questionnaire survey: sponsored questionnaire can be answered online to facilitate the statistics of questionnaire information
Online registration: mobile initiation information, can register online, facilitate statistical activity information
Class Microcircle: Providing parents and teachers with a space for communication and communication
Class Notification: Select the sender to send the notification and read the receipt, mainly for the parents of the class.
Campus Notice: Receiving and viewing school-wide notices
Student leave slip: mobile phone to send leave applications, easy to examine and approve, convenient mobile office
Headteacher's Message: Publish the Headteacher's Message to facilitate mobile phone viewing
Class Declaration: Publish Class Declaration to facilitate mobile viewing
Class Duty Schedule: Publish Class Duty Schedule to facilitate mobile viewing
Class Schedule: Publish Class Schedule for Mobile View
Job Sending: Publish daily jobs to facilitate mobile viewing
School mailbox: facilitating communication between parents and teachers
Student Number Management: Managing Student's Student Number
Achievement Query: Facilitate Parents'Mobile Phone Query of Students' Achievements
32 bit ARM CPU;
Support ID card and IC card;
Built-in rechargeable battery, standby time more than 48 hours;
The performance of Ni-MH battery is stable, safe and more environmentally friendly.
Large screen display, high brightness, high backlight, easy to use 
Support external attendance machine, maximum support 8;
Outdoor model design, waterproof, anti-corrosion, sun protection;
Super large storage space, can store 5000 ID information;
4.System Characteristics:
Distance Recognition
With 2.4 GH RFID remote sensing technology, people can be identified directly by hanging the card in front of their chest or putting it in their schoolbag without swiping it actively. 
Humanized Fast Passage
Personnel do not need to wait, they can pass directly. They can identify more than 500 cards at the same time, and can support up to 80 meters.
High recognition rate
The recognition speed is within 80 km/h, the recognition rate can reach 100%, and the bit error rate is one in ten million, which can meet the requirements of high recognition rate. 
Real-time data reporting
Attendance records are submitted to the platform through the micro-calibration terminal in real time to facilitate query management.
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