Intelligent Visitor System

I. Systematic introduction:

Based on the identification technology of the second generation ID card, the intelligent workspace entrance and exit management scheme uses the common IC card or the second generation resident ID card as the passport voucher. On the basis of the unified control platform and the safe exchange of data, it effectively integrates visitor management, integrated access control, elevator control, instant video and other systems. With flexible and efficient customized intelligent upgrade and transformation scheme, the management problem of workspace entrance and exit is effectively solved. Employees of the unit may use access cards or second-generation identity cards. When visitors come to visit, after the reception room has completed the registration with the second-generation ID card through the visitor-in-one machine, the second-generation ID card can be used as a temporary access card, and the authorized access points and elevators can automatically cancel the authority when they leave.

2.Functional Features :

♦ Quick registration of visitor information, the system is flexible, fast and convenient to use, easy to operate.
The system can quickly register visitors'names, gender, total number of visitors, ID number, unit, telephone, department, person, place, purpose and articles.
♦ Support the second generation ID card reading, automatic identification of the first generation ID card, passport, driver's license and other valid documents.
The airliner is equipped with high-end identification equipment, which can read the second generation ID card, scan the first generation ID card, passport and driver's license and other valid documents (the equipment is issued uniformly by the Public Security Bureau, the false card information can not be extracted). At the same time of reading and scanning, the software automatically saves the document information to the system. Name, ID card number, gender and other information need not be entered manually to save visitor registration time.
♦ Network alarm function.
Seamless connection with the public security network, the visitor information will be transferred to the special database of the public security bureau, which is convenient for comparison and authentication of visitor information. If abnormal information is found, the police will be notified at the first time.
♦ Built-in card issuing equipment can issue cards and identify employees in this unit.
The visitor plane has built-in card issuer, which can issue cards to the employees of the unit, and can equip card printers according to the needs of customers, print photos and personnel information on the cards. Employees of the unit swipe their cards to identify whether they are employees of the unit or not. Card printers are not standard matching. 
♦ Strong card management and production function.
The system design is flexible and convenient. Users can customize fields and card background. The card can be printed and previewed. The system can also be used to modify the card directly. Whether the interviewee is prompted in the unit (need to cooperate with internal personnel identification and verification system, access control system or attendance system).
♦ Photographs of visitors are automatically stored in the system.
Visitors can take pictures of visitors through surveillance cameras. On the software interface, there is a "photograph" button, which can be stored automatically in the software by touching and clicking. This function is optional, non-standard, units can choose according to their own needs.
♦ Massive data storage function, powerful data storage function, no loss, no leakage.
A large number of original registration images and data are completely stored in the system computer to ensure the integrity, continuity and traceability of information. (Equipment capacity increases on demand)
♦ A variety of custom query methods, query results can be output to electronic documents.
The system provides a number of query functions, with clear classification and numerous query fields. It can easily find the information of visitors or visitors to be queried in any period of time, and the system has made specific statistical functions for information query. This function is conducive to enterprises to make an accurate statistics of visitors'visits in a certain period of time (information settings of visitors, change functions) to the past. The registration data can be retrieved quickly, and the effective information can be provided timely and quickly when the current situation arises.
♦ Query results can be displayed in the form of summary reports. Query results, monthly reports and daily reports can be printed.
The queried records can be exported to EXCEL tables for long-term archiving, and daily and monthly reports can be printed.
♦ More than one device can be connected by network and share data. It can monitor the entry and exit of each point remotely.
 Visitor system is LAN version. If there are several gates in the unit, the data can be transmitted or shared through the LAN. It is convenient for visitors to choose Import and export arbitrarily. It is also convenient for security personnel to grasp the situation of visitors'visits and departures in real time. At the same time, managers can also install the client on their computers to monitor the situation of people entering and leaving the unit. 
♦ Site map management function, personnel identification can dynamically display personnel information.
This function is a characteristic function of the system. It can save the unit plan into the software, and then the card swiping system will show which door to swipe the card, from which door to enter. Personnel details will also be displayed on the right. Convenient query for unregistered personnel: It can be seen at a glance in the main interface, and the unregistered personnel will be displayed in the main interface (that is, they are still visiting places). Make the unit safer and improve the overall image of the enterprise.
♦ Frequent guest memory, blacklist processing, appointment visits.
Visitor Memory Function: When the same visitor registers for the second time, just input the name of the visitor and click on the query to display the information that the user has registered.
Blacklist processing: In order to strengthen the identity management of visitors, the system can also manage some identities blacklist. Some suspicious persons can be blacklisted so that visits can be promptly reminded.
Reservation visits: the Department and personnel of the unit can be added in advance so that when visitors come, they can touch and select the Department and personnel to be visited. All information except name is optional, and information such as visited department, visited person, visited place and visited purpose can be added in advance. When registering, the information can be selected by touching and clicking.
♦ The system is simple to operate.
 Humanized design, intelligent operation, simple connection can be used, even if you do not use a computer, through on-site training can quickly learn to operate.
♦ Automatic telephone dialing function.
 The system can connect the guard's telephone directly to the unit telephone network, and can automatically find and connect the visitor's landing machine on the touch screen. It not only saves the time of searching extension, but also ensures the accuracy of the visitor.
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