About us

    Fujian Yuchen Microelectronics Co., Ltd was jointly founded on June 26th, 2015. Yuchen is the new RFID IoT intelligent product manufacturing company, which has obtained 27 software copyrights including "RFID Anti-counterfeiting and Traceability IoT System", "RFID Logistics Management Service System" and "RFID School Bus Intelligent Management System". In 2017 Yuchen passed the ISO9001, GB/T28001 and GB/T24001, and was rated as "Fujian Province Science and Technology Enterprise", the national "High-tech Enterprise". In 2018 Yuchen was named Fujian Provincial Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Enterprise and Fujian Province IoT Enterprise Technology Innovation Center. Our products have passed FCC and CE Certificate. We also obtained the National Military Standard Qualification.
     The company owns the world's first customized high-precision flexible circuit printing equipment from Germany Muehlbauer, high-end RFID bonding equipment from Germany, RFID compound equipment and SMT production line. It has a complete production chain of new RFID tags with leading production levels in China, and the merely output of new RFID antenna can reach 2 billion pieces. Our sales fields cover campus and student safety management, warehouse management, anti-counterfeiting source management, production management and also other fields.
      The company is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of new RFID tags. Based on this, the company has extended and developed the intelligent transformation system of tire enterprises (which has been applied in the production and management of KUMHO Tire in South Korea), vehicle intelligent management system, new RFID sensors and other new Intelligent IoT solutions with new RFID application.
       Welcome to join us for mutual benefit and common development!